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2016 -2017,


The Quality of Teaching Japanese Language in Lampung

"The quality of teaching Japanese in Lampung has not been really good!" said Prof. Yoshie Yamazaki when interviewed at her house inPahoman, Bandar Lampung, last March.

According to Prof. Yamazaki, actually there are relatively good facilities for teaching Japanese language in Lampung, however the methods of instruction have not been really effective.

This condition makes  her decide to serve voluntarily in Language Center at University of [Prof. Yoshie Yamazaki] Lampung (Balai Bahasa Universitas Lampung or BBU) as a Japanese language instructor and this is as implementation collaboration between Unila and Kyoei University, Japan

Yamazaki is a Japanese who accompanies her husband in Lampung.  As an anthropologist, she devoted her expertise to do research onLampung culture since 1984 when Unila was led by Slamet Margono as the Rector.  She said that her experience in the field of socio-cultural research helps her in teaching Japanese language at Unila.


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