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2016 -2017,


A Modern Coffee Processing System to Improve the Quality

Lampung Province is the largest robusta coffee producer in Indonesia.  Coffee plantations in Lampung are managed by smallholders that are centered in West Lampung, where approximately 40% of coffee production is produced by the district.

One of main agricultural commodites in Lampung is coffee.

"Nevertheless, there are many challenges to improve the capacity and quality of Lampung coffee production," said Dr. Eng. Suryadiwansa Harun, a the lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering University of Lampung. 

For example, the method of processing coffee has weakness.  The mechine to process coffee is still conventional and the quality of coffee produced is low.  These conditions motivated Harun to develop a modern coffee processing machine.  He got funding from the Partnership Grant Program (Hi-Link) from Directorate General of Higher Education (Dikti) through his proposal titled "Integrated and Clean Production System for Processing Lampung Coffee to Improve Competitiveness and the Quality of Product."  He is working with a home-based business in West Lampung coffee processing.  About the outcome of his project, he said that, "if the previous manual processing method can take up to one month, by using the modern production system, it takes only 10 days to get the coffee ready for export", he said. 

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