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Students of Darmasiswa
2016 -2017,


Special Course for Undergraduate and Graduate students

• October 21 to October 31, 2013

The University of Lampung is offering a following free special course for undergraduate and graduate students.


A. Course offered

Tropical Forest and Appreciation of Lampung Culture with the following description.

Tropical Forest
The course for the program are recoqnized to provide a broad exposure to the relevant natural resources as integrated systems. Participants will observe wild animal, forest inventory, extraordinary elephant attraction, and damar agroforestry.


Appreciation of Lampung Culture
This course will give broad view of Lampung culture and real experience in few cultural skills such as Tapis Handicraft, traditional dance and musical instruments, etc.

B. Requirment to be participants

Undergraduate or graduate students and can communicate in English

C. Facility

The program will cover the expenses for accomodation, transportation, and meal ONLY during the activity. But the program will NOT provide expenses for transportation etc from participants’ home country or anything outside the period of the program.


D. Place and Schedule

The activity will be held on October 21 to October 31, 2013 with the following schedule.

October 20 Participants arrive at Unila Guest House
October 21
- 08.00
- afternoon

- Depart to Way Kambas National Park
- Wild animal observation

October 22
- morning
- afternoon

- Forest inventory
- Going down the river in Way Kanan Resort

October 23
- morning
- afternoon
- evening

- Extraordinary attractions of elephant habits
- Observation at SRS Sumatera rhinoceros
- Camping and having firewoods

October 24
- morning
- afternoon
- evening

- Depart to Krui
- Krui beach
- Arriving at Pekon Pahmungan and stay at Selagai Hotel (Krui)

October 25 Damar agroforest observation
October 26 Return to Bandar Lampung (Unila Guest House)
October 27 Rest
October 28 Various kinds of Lampung dance
October 29 Learning and playing Lampung music (Talo Balak Gamelan)
October 30 Learning traditional Lampung dress (Kain Tapis)
October 31 Participants return
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