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Students of Darmasiswa
2016 -2017,


Better Understand Indonesia

“We have been able to communicate fluently, but there are some words that we have not understood and difficult to pronounce.”

 “These are our activities: attend lecture, play, sleep, and read books. Our friends at Unila also often come here and we study and play together. We also sometimes visit and spend some time at lecturer houses around the complex," said Deborah Andrianony Eliane whom is called Eli by her friends, a student from Madagascar studying Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) in the Department of Indonesian Languages and Arts, Faculty of Teaching and Education at University of Lampung (FKIP Unila).

Eli and her seven friends coming from other countries are foreign students selected this year to participate in the Republic of Indonesia Darmasiswa Scholarship Program for one year. Actually there are nine students who attend the program, but one person from Thailand joint the program only for six months, and now she has returned to her home country.

In addition to Deborah Andrianony Eliane, other students are named Ramiandrisoa Miantsa Andrianony Hasinjara that also come from Madagascar, Michal Tengeri from Slovakia; Khan Dalath, Soun Savon, and Met Monynimol from Cambodia. Then two students, i.e. Nagisa and Harasawa Nagisa Misato, are Japanese. They occupy five rooms at Unila housing that has been provided by Unila with good facilities. "Our home stay at Unila is better than our friends’ home stay at other universities, that we have visited and have seen the condition," said Mia.

They study at Unila only until August, but they have felt a lot of changes in themselves during their stay at Unila. "It means a lot for me," said Eli. "Unila campus is wide, lots of trees" said Dalath. Before the Program, most of them did not know where the University of Lampung was, and even they don’t know about Lampung Province.
Almost all the foreign students who are now studying at Unila actually selected a university in Yogyakarta and Jakarta. "I had no idea about Unila, but I choose Unila as the second choice," said Eli. "Me too, I was ready to and hope I could get accepted at a university in Yogyakarta," Misato said. However, Misato finally feel at home in Lampung and Unila because there is a Japanese community at Unila that she join.


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