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2016 -2017,


Video Shooting for Darmasiswa Unila

Bureau of Planning and International Collaboration (PKLN), Ministry of Education and Culture was to make video documentary about Darmasiswa Program of Republic of Indonesia 2016/2017. This video is intended for cultural diplomacy and promotion. This activity was conducted in five cities: Bandar Lampung, Jakarta, Semarang, Malang, and Denpasar. For this purpose, the Darmasiswa Secretariate of PKLN in cooperation with University of Lampung did video shooting about Talo Balak Gamelan, a traditional Lampungnese musical instrument, on April 6-7th, 2017.

The venue of this program was at International Corner room University of Lampung for the first day, and at Mutun Beach, Pesawaran Regency for the second day. The players of Talo Balak Gamelan were Darmasiswa students at University of Lampung who have been studying both Indonesian Language and Lampungnese culture for about seven months. 

Talo Balak is a traditional music instrument of Lampung. There are five instruments for playing Talo Balak. 


Kelittang is a pencon with 12 pentatonis’s note or tone, which arranged by horizontal at the wood positions. 

2.Gindang or Gendang

This shaping like a bamboo cylinder made from chosen wood in the hole, and that’s a jackfruit’s wood or a head, and in the face one there’s a bigger circle covered by membrane made from a cow and sheep’s leather, banded by a string which made from rattan and nylon to tight the leather so that it can have a perfect voice.


This instrument consists of a couple of disc which in the middle, it has a wide pencon and banded by a string as a playing and as a connect between the two of them

4.Tawak - Tawak

The shape is like a Gong but smaller than a gong. Its function as the ‘Pemangku Irama’ and it sets hanging by vertical to Tawak – Tawak hanger. 

5.Talo Gong

In a set of Talo Gong is the biggest of pencon instrument. The main function of Talo is certainly of the border between ‘Song Teacher’ (melody) to the other one. And Talo has function as a closing in the sounds which playing by one Tabuh.


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