The University of Lampung or Unila for short, was founded and initiated by local community of Lampung District in early 1960's. In its commencement, Unila was made up of two faculties, i.e., Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Law functioning as branches of The University of Sriwijaya (Unsri) Palembang.

Unila was granted as an individual status of state university by the Decree of the Ministry of Higher Education No. 195/1965 dated September 23rd 1965 and strengthened by the Decree of The President No. 73/1966. Therefore, 1965 was decided as the founding year and September 23rd as the anniversary date.

In the succeeding years, Unila has grown progressively to be a reputable full-sized comprehensive university covering 7 S2, 39 S1, and 22 Diploma programs nearly all areas of study. The university consist of 8  faculties, i.e. Economics, Law, Education, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Social and Political Sciences, Math and Natural Sciences, and Medicine. The enrolment in the present year is over 21.000 students in various field of study.

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