Student Entrance

In the Academic Year 2010/2011, student entrance is done through three ways:

  • Unila Standard Selection (PKAB)

This way is administered without written test,  intended to accept senior high school graduates who are academically  able and  talented.

  • National Standard of State University Entrance examination (SPMB)

SPMB is  another way of selecting prospective students through written tests held by Indonesia tertiary educational institutions at once. Out of the 45 states tertiary educational institutions which are divided into three regions, Unila is included in Region I.

  • Unila Standard Selection for Diploma and Non-Regular Prospective Students (Non-SPMB)

Non-SPMB is Unila-standard written test aimed at selecting prospective students who are interested in Diploma Program and Non-Regular Undergraduate Program. This test is administered after the notice of SPMB.

Education Management

Unila administers education through:

  • Full Semester Credit System for undergraduate program.
  • Packaged Semester Credit System for Diploma and Postgraduate Programs
    Both have been administered with Academic Information System (Online) since 2000.

Academic Calendar

Unila runs the academic program with trimester basis:

  • Odd Semester, September – January.
  • Even Semester, February – June.
  • Short Semester, July – August.

Learning Process

  • In-classroom lecture, field-visit lecture
  • Practicum, practice/response/discussion
  • Apprenticeship, general practice, field work practice, field elucidation practice, social action internship.
  • Research
  • Thesis/final assignment.
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