How to Apply ?

University of Lampung admit Senior High Schools graduates either through a national system of entrance examination, or locally administered selection test mainly designed for the more gifted students.

Foreign students with the necessary academic qualifications (to be assessed individually) may apply to University of Lampung. Applicants should be in good physical and mental health. A good common of written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia is a must. Bahasa Indonesia course can be taken at University of Lampung before doing a formal degree course.

Application Procedures For International Students
1. There is no specific application form for admission to any faculty of University of Lampung. Instead of using an application form, foreign student write a letter of application for admission and forward it to the Rector of University of Lampung, Jalan Sumantri Brojonegoro 1, Gedungmeneng, Bandar Lampung 35145, INDONESIA.
2. If accepted, the university will forward a letter of provisional acceptance i.e. subject to further approval by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Jakarta. In your letter of application you should enclosed the followings:
(a) Written letter of application
(b) Curriculum Vitae
(c) A Letter of Statement that you will obey all regulations concerning foreign students
(d) Statement of Financial guarantee
(e) Academic Transcript and a copy of your certificate
(f) Letter of Financial guarantee
(g) Letter of Sponsorship
(h) Copy of passport
(i) Statement letter that you will not take any paid employment in Indonesia
(j) Health Certificate
(k) Recent color Photos: 3×4, 4×6
(l) Letter of Recommendation from University of Lampung


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