The University of Lampung is located in the Province of Lampung. The province is on the most southern part of Sumatera and in proximity to island of Java. The land of Lampung is known as Sang Bumi Ruwa Jurai meaning that its climate is tropical and comfortable, place for diverse culture of mixed ethnic groups.

Lampung offers magnificent coastline with attractive beaches and beautiful coral reef. The scenery range from green mountainous forest and rich agricultural land with widespread plantations to the beautiful national park with unique animals and plants. The people in Lampung are naturally warm and friendly.

The Unila campus area covers 66.5 hectares of land, located in the suburb of the city of Bandar Lampung, which is the capital city of the province. Bandar Lampung is nestled in the plain between green hills of Gunung Betung and along coastline of very famous Lampung Bay.

On the campus, one can find himself surrounded by very green and beautiful landscape and scenery academic environment. With its advantageous infrastructure, the university supplies good-quality for learning in the era of globalization-information technology devices, laboratories, academic resources, as well as sport centers, and recreational centers. The university is managed professionally by adopting total quality management and employing well-trained administration staff. Together with high quality academic staff and students, Unila serving in both teaching and research as well as public service, is progressively becoming a leading institution of higher education of the country

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